Ljubljana Urban Region – Slovenia. Competence Centre for Design Management (KCDM) was established in 2013 within the Human Resources Development Operational Programme 2007-2013 and was co-financed by the European Social Fund. It was a pilot project of a design agency Gigodesign which included 19 companies - design companies, consulting companies and companies which develop new products and services, with the aim to improve knowledge and processes in cooperation, increase the value of their brands and improve the position of all companies on the market. 


The latest newsletter about Maestrale project is out now!!
Check the results of second and third study visit had in Sweden in July with the feedbacks of the project partners and see the comparison on advantages and the disadvantages of the technological solutions seen on the field.
You may also find the results of the 45 case studies analysed and news on our communication and social media channels!
Read it in English or French version.


On November 8th and 9th in Potenza (Italy), as part of the CRE: HUB project activities, a Team formed by the Friuli Venezia Giulia experts Franco Scolari, Director of Pordenone Technology Park, and Kaspar Steinbergs, “Strategic Management and Cultural and Creative Industries” professor at Alberta College in Riga (Latvia), and other regional stakeholders of the two project partners, will be participating in a On-Field Visit. 


In the framework of the CHIMERA Project (Innovative Cultural and Creative Clusters in the Mediterranean Area), the workshop "Cluster Building for the Audiovisual Sector in Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region: what to focus on " was held on 20 September in Trieste. The workshop saw the confrontation of Marine Haverland, visual advisor of the Brussels region's audiovisual brand “screen.brussels”, with the main actors in the FVG autonomous region audiovisual sector. For the regional audiovisual industry, it was a valuable exchange and comparison opportunity with a reality that represents a true audiovisual ecosystem. “screen.brussels” is in fact the trademark of an audiovisual ecosystem consisting of four different components: a Film Commission (screen.brussels Film Commission), a cluster (screen.brussels cluster), an audiovisual fund supporting co-productions (screen.brussels fund) and a financing line dedicated to regional business in the audiovisual sector (screen.brussels business).


The III Steering Committee meeting of SISMA project (co-financed by Interreg MED Programme) was held over the last couple of days in Cadarache (France). The project, which aims to develop innovative financing schemes leading to the energy retrofitting of public buildings in the Mediterranean area, comprises nine European partners representing Greece, Bosnia, Slovenia, Italy, France and Spain. During the two-day meeting, partners have performed an analysis of best practices of existing financing schemes already in place in participating countries.


The 2nd Steering and Technical Committee of the project “ChIMERA – Innovative cultural and creative clusters in the MED area” will take place tomorrow in Nice, France. The project, funded by the INTERREG Med Programme, aims at innovative and transnational clusters creation in the field of cultural and creative enterprises and involves 10 partners from 7 Countries (Italy, Portugal, France, Albania, Greece, Slovenia and Spain) in order to encourage public and private actors to increase their innovative capacities through cooperation between enterprises, research centres, public authorities and civil society, at Regional and European levels.


The webinar presents main outcomes and real examples deepens in the Renew-School project activities and studies. It is focused on solutions and strategies for indoor air quality, thermal comfort and efficient ventilation systems with high level of integration in renovation projects for schools, particularly in completion to intervention for high performances building envelope and integration of RES. The webinar will be free and open. It will be held on 20th February at 10.30.

To receive the access link and information please send an e-mail to Marco Pietrobon - eERG Group: marco.pietrobon@polimi.it. You can see the agenda at the address: http://www.renew-school.eu/en/school-renovations-quick-affordable-green-and-healthy-real-examples-and-outcomes-from-the-renew-school-project/


“Details for passive buildings: the passive house construction standard over the last few years and refurbishment of existing buildings according to passive standards” was the topic of the lesson held on 18th January by Informest within the master Course on Advances in Building Constructions of the Department of Engineering and Architecture of Udine University.

The lesson, in English language, was introduced by Professor Anna Frangipane, that gave students hints and references with main topics treated during previous lessons.


At the end of November, in Seville, took place the kick-off conference of the project MAESTRALE, one of the 12 projects approved under Axis 1 of the Interreg Mediterranean Programme, the one dedicated to sustainable innovation. The project aims, firstly, to make the point about the state in the production of "blue energy" in the Mediterranean (including the existing legislation in different countries), and then, once identified the technical and economically most promising solutions, to set up an international network of local promotion and development laboratories able to disseminate the knowledge gained on the ground.


More than 80 people, mostly university students from the local School of Architecture of Antwerp, visited on Thursday, October 13, a Topsportschool and two primary schools renovated with the "Renew School" method. Participants attended also the technical workshop organized by the Belgian partners of Renew School project.


SISMA “Supporting Innovative Schemes in the MED Area” is one of 49 projects approved by the Interreg MED Programme Steering Committee held at the end of September.

The project aims at developing innovative financing schemes based on European Structural Funds and other public funds to finance significant energy retrofits of public building.

SISMA involves 8 partners from 6 MED Countries (Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Bosnia&Herzegovina and Slovenia), has a total budget of 600.000€ and it will last 18 months starting from November 2016.


The Project ChIMERAInnovative cultural and creative clusters in the MED area” was approved by the Steering Committee of the MED Programme on 27th September in Marseille. ChIMERA aims at building innovative clusters in the Cultural and Creative Industries sector and involves 10 partners from 7 Countries (Italy, Portugal, France, Albania, Greece, Slovenia and Spain) leaded by the Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia – Department for culture, sports and solidarity with the support of Informest.

ChIMERA will last 30 months starting from November 2016 and it is worth 2.470.882.00 euro.


Twenty-two teachers from the schools involved in BlueSKILLS project met in Herceg Novi for the  first educational workshop aimed to create working groups leaded by VET System experts in the Adriatic area.

Blue SKILLS, coordinated by Informest, gives the opportunity to the representatives of schools and educational institutes of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Marche and Abruzzo Region to meet the counterparts from Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia Erzegovina and Croatia in order to create the precondition for the future Adriatic network of students mobility.


It was held the 21st July 2016 in the premises of Government Office, a working meeting of the project IPA 2013 "Fight against organized crime in the Western Balkans", implemented in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo. Prefect Porzio, who leads from its beginning this important project initiative of the Public Security Department of the Ministry of the Interior, received the 5 Italian experts resident in the beneficiary countries and their local assistants working on the project. It has been discussed investigations to be conducted in the coming year, that should be focused on financial crimes, on support to forensic laboratories and on detection of information flows and data exchange on ongoing criminal cases in the Western Balkans. 


The first visit covered plant health controls, and in particular activities for monitoring quarantine organisms. During the visit procedures and methodologies for control of potatoes from third countries h(Egypt) have been demonstrated at the checkpoint of Trieste port, and examples on how row controls are done demonstrated. The control of the propagation of plants and monitoring of quarantine pests and quality was the topic of discussion to the Cooperative Rauscedo, where the delegation was received by the President of the cooperative. The delegation also received a practical training on the use of FITOGIS system, used by the Plant Protection Service of the Emilia-Romagna region, with a visit to a fruit farm in Imola and then at the offices of the service.

The week-long visit ended in in Ferrara in a company that produces seed potatoes and strawberry seeds, where the delegation was informed about phytosanitary inspection and certification of quality of plants and seeds.


Informest takes part as partner to the Project CAPTAIN (Capitalization of Transport models in Adriatic Ionian Network for supporting EUSAIR development), co-financed by CBC Adriatic IPA 2007-2013 Programme, having as Lead Partner the Central Directorate for infrastructure and territory of the Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia, involving partners from all the eligible countries of the area. The Project, with a budget of €734.000 and a duration of 7 months (it has to be completed by the end of November), intends to answer to the common need to improve accessibility and mobility across Adriatic-Ionian basin and its hinterland, through the development of sustainable, safe, cross-border, integrated transport services and the improvement of infrastructures through the capitalisation of the results achieved in EA SEA-WAY, Adrimob and AdriaticMoS IPA projects.


Thursday May 5th was held in Sarajevo the Fifth Steering Committee of the Twinning Project "Further strengthening of capacities of phytosanitary sector in the fields of plant protection products, plant health and seeds and seedlings, including phytosanitary laboratories and phytosanitary inspections”.

Participants of the event were representatives of the Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policy, Lead Partner of the project, and local representatives of the main beneficiary institutions. Project Leader Bruno Faraglia, general manager of Central Phytosanitary Service, Plant Production sector of Ministry of Agricultural Policy, informed the participants that preparatory work for the new Regulation on fertilizing under European coordination have been started and Beneficiary Country Project Leader Snezana Akulovic, confirmed that the new Regulation on Plants Protection will be ratified by the Parliament within this year.


With a responsive opening ceremony started its activities the Business Service Centre in Gorazde, a city located in Podrinje Canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Centre, which will be the core of the new Business Improvement Zone of the city, was financed by IPA Programme funds for local development of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the coordination of OXFAM Italy and the support of Informest, Podrinje Canton, Gorazde Municipality and Gorazde Chamber of Commerce.

It’s the first concrete achievement of the project. The first step was to renovate an historic building in the city centre that today is converted to a multi-used building for business activities of the area,  encouraging the local economic development.


The course of EU project management is open to young graduates who want to acquire knowledge and skills needed to present themselves in the labor market of European projects. Regional officials and professionals in the field will give a general overview on Community programs, both structural funds and programs that are directly managed by EU Commission. The duration is 80 hours.


On the 15th December, the European Commission adopted the first cross-border cooperation programme between Italy and Croatia, worth nearly € 237 million.

The program will help both countries in their blue growth potential by investing in research and innovation in blue economy sectors and improve joint climate change monitoring and natural risk prevention.


Have been published the priorities for 2016 of the “Europe for citizens” program. The program "Europe for Citizens”  supports projects aimed at building a more tangible Europe for its citizens; the development of a European identity based on common unitary historical and cultural experiences; the creation of a sense of belonging to the European Union; the exchange of experiences among citizens of different geographical areas, in order to contribute to intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding.


It was held in Prague on November, 23rd final conference of CLUS3 project organized by Czech Invest, national agency of Czech Republic for economic development. Main results of the project were presented to Czech cluster managers: among the others certification of excellence of clusters and training for manager and civil servants in development policies and cluster management. During the event ESCA (European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis) gave the gold label to Czech cluster CREA (renewable energies and water treatment).


The European SME WEEK 2015 will take place in Ferrara in the context of the SMART INNO project, co-funded by the European Union through the “IPA Adriatic Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013”. The main goal of the SMART INNO project is to develop a smart networking system for monitoring and fostering research & innovation capacity in SMEs across Adriatic Region. The territorial development goes through the Creative Economy: the Cultural and Creative Industry topic will lead the European SME week 2015 in the City of Ferrara with seminars dedicated to Public Authorities, SMEs and Financial Institutions and services. 


Registrations are now open to the path of business support reserved for cultural and creative projects. Musicians, filmmakers, photographers, painters, architects, designers and other actors of the cultural and creative (CC) often find difficulties to turn their passion and profession in an opportunity of stable and lasting economic return. But there are some opportunities to gain profits from its creative cultural activities: smART “Creative Business Lab” aims to provide information and tools to take advantage of these opportunities for projects of CC sector. In the SMART INNO European project, Friuli Innovazione launches “smART”, a path of business support tailored to the needs of the cultural and creative sector. Through training courses, events and networking initiatives, participants will be taken on a journey of definition and development of their idea after which the projects selected will have access to individual support.


Italian small and medium enterprises are at the top of European rankings for European funding made through “SME Instrument” from Horizon 2020. This program aims to sustain European small and medium enterprises to put their products and services in the market. Italian enterprises were ahead of the European announcement, expired the 17th September 2015, in the second and third place there were Spanish and English enterprises. At the same date, the largest number of projects was in Ict sector (720), besides nanotechnologies, energetic systems with low emissions and eco-innovation. Totally, there were presented 2.833 projects.


The European Commission is organising an Information Day to present the 2016 calls for proposals of Horizon 2020's Societal Challenge 5 "Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials".

The Information Day will introduce the upcoming calls for proposals on 'Greening the Economy', 'Blue Growth – Demonstrating an Ocean of Opportunities', 'Smart and Sustainable Cities' as well as the 'Circular Economy’ topics of the 'Industry 2020 in the Circular Economy' call for proposals.

You can follow most of the sessions online. Watch the webstreaming.

We will also be covering the event live on twitter. Follow @EU_ecoinno and submit your questions using #H2020SC5.


The European Commission has launched the 3rd edition of the EU Prize for Women Innovators. The competition is open until 20 October 2015! This Prize aims to raise public awareness on the need for more innovation and more women innovators. It will reward three women who have achieved outstanding innovations and brought them to market.


The Interreg MED Programme is pleased to inform that the first call for modular projects of the programming period 2014-2020 is now open to programme priority axes 1, 2 and 3 and to the following types of projects:Studying (M1), Testing (M2), Capitalising (M3), Studying and testing (M1+2) and Testing and capitalising (M2+3).

For a detailed description of contents of programme specific objectives and types of projects, including information on possible actions, beneficiaries and target groups, please refer to section 2 of the Interreg MED Cooperation Programme adopted by the European Commission on June 2nd, 2015 and to the relevant Terms of Reference. Under this call a project proposal must focus on only one programme specific objective.


The First call for modular projects proposals will be opened from 1st September 2015 to 2nd November 2015. Project partners will be able to submit their application online on the Synergie website. After the assessment and approval phase, projects are expected to start in September 2016. From 23rd June to 1st September, a preparation period is opened to allow project partners to prepare their application before submitting it.

At disposal here TOR and programme manual


Cities and towns across European and further afield can now register to be a part of this initiative promoting sustainable urban mobility. Upon registering, cities or towns will be asked which of the following options they will be undertaking:

  • Organising a week of activities under this year's multimodality theme: Choose. Change. Combine.
  • Implementing at least one permanent measure that contributes to modal transfer.
  • Organising a car-free day on 22 September.

Those cities or towns that are carrying out all three of these measures will be eligible to apply for the EMW award.


Each month, the project will be built around one topic of great importance, topicality and impact within the European Union. The start and end of the project will be announced by a special article each month on the EP web page and EP social media platforms. The project will be open to all EU residents, aged 18 or older, regardless of profession, on condition that they conform to the rules, in particular that they possess the copyright for their photos and that they grant the European Parliament the right to use them for non-commercial purposes on the EP web page and EP social media platforms. 


There will be fifteen study visits in total, until summer 2016; this call relates to the first five, taking place in Nantes, Wallonia, Bologna, Dundee and Nord-Pas de Calais. Participation is open to representatives of local and regional authorities, in European countries participating in the Creative Europe (Culture) Programme. The study visits will enable participants to learn from their hosts, and consider whether and how best practices can be transferred. The first call will be online until 9 July.  Funding is available to cover for participants' accommodation and travel costs. The three-year project, managed by EUROCITIESKEA European Affairs, and the European Regions Research and Innovation Network (ERRIN), aims to examine existing cultural initiatives and their impact on local and regional development strategies, and to support exchange of information and practices to increase understanding of the effects of investment in the culture sector.


From 23rd June, a preparation phase is opened to allow project partners to prepare their application before submitting it. The First call for modular projects proposals will be opened from 1st September 2015 to 2nd November 2015. Project partners will be able to submit their application online on the Synergie website. The timeframe being very short, we advise you not to leave it to the last minute to upload your proposal documents.


The European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards is Europe’s most prestigious prize in the heritage field. Every year, it honours the most outstanding heritage achievements from all over Europe. It recognises the excellence and dedication by architects, craftsmen, cultural heritage experts, volunteers, schools, local communities, heritage owners and the media. It stimulates creativity and innovation, through the power of example. In 2016, the Awards will be given to up to 30 remarkable heritage projects and initiatives in four categories. Up to seven will be selected as Grand Prix winners and receive €10,000 each. One will get the Public Choice Award. Entries may be submitted from the countries that take part in the Creative Europe programme of the European Commission.


The Interreg Europe monitoring committee has approved the terms of reference for the first call for project proposals. The call will open 22 June, and will close on 31 July 2015.

The templates for the letter of support and partner declaration have NOT been changed, so applicants who have started preparing their application using the draft templates can submit these ones to the programme. The final application pack will be published on the website on 22 June. The online application system (www.iolf.eu) will be available from this date. Applicants have until 3 July to request feedback on their project idea from the secretariat. After this date, support will be available by phone on specific questions related to the online application process


In order to inform stakeholders about the state of art in the definition of the Italy Croatia CBC Programme and to better orientate the definition of actions/types of projects to be co-financed by the Programme, the Task Force is organizing two thematic events, that will be organized in Trieste on the 17th June and in Split on 19th June.

The two events will have a manyfold objective: General public: to learn about the contents of the CP; to feedback the Programme bodies on the suitability of the proposed examples at action level; to shortly present additional ideas/ action examples and start networking. Programme bodies: to inform the public about the programming process and contents; to get a feedback (reality check) at action level, harvesting potential comments on the proposed examples; to understand the state of art in projects generation also in relation to future calls planning; Logistical and organizational details will be communicated soon within this platform.


The call of Proposals for the creation of up to 20 Action Planning Networks is now open: deadline June, 16. The main objective of Action Planning Networks is to improve the capacity of European cities to manage sustainable urban policies and more especially to strengthen their ability to design integrated strategies for sustainable urban development. By taking part in an Action Planning Network, cities exchange and share experiences, problems and possible solutions, generating new ideas to address challenges related to sustainable urban development. Info: http://urbact.eu/node/6156


Informest participated at the bilateral meetings held on June 3 in Zagreb ended with the signing of a cooperation agreement between the Presidents of Finest Mauro Del Savio and of the Chamber of Economy of Croatia Luka Burilovic, at the presence of the Ambassador of Italy Emanuela D'Alessandro and of Debora Serracchiani President of Friuli Venezia Giulia Region. The counterparts are also working to organize a bilateral summit FVG-Croatia on agribusiness industry on the occasion of the upcoming conference in Udine on 24 and 25 June, with the participation of Finest, Informest, Friuli Venezia Giulia Chambers of Commerce and the Croatian Chamber of Economy.


Please find ad this link slides presented during the event "Energy efficiency of public buildings from Friuli Venezia Giulia to the Mediterranean: regulation and Case Studies" held in Gorizia on 13th May 2015 as conclusion of REMIDA project.

You can find here slides presented by representatives of

  • APE FVG – Agency for Energy of Friuli Venezia Giulia
  • FEDARENE - Federation European Agencies and Regions for Energy and Environment
  • Municipality of Rubi (Catalonia - Spain)
  • Grado Municipality
  • NE Nomisma Bologna
  • Municipality of Sentrupert (Slovenia)
  • Union of Municipalities of the area Pays de Sorgues and Monts of Vancluse CCPSMV(France)
  • Association for Cooperation European Regional Framework ERFC (Greece)
  • Energy Agency of Ribera (Valencia - Spain)
  • Municipality of Podgorica (Montenegro)

"I 4 TOUR" the project submitted by the Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism of Albania together with the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia - International Relations and strategic infrastructure Department with Informest as implementing body, won the second place among the six projects funded by the third call of Debt for Development Swap Agreement (IADSA).

With a budget of 377,918 Euros, I4TOUR, focuses on territorial development and sustainable tourism and aims to enhance the architectural heritage of the country, to increase creative enterprises, rural development and encourage youth employment, including replication of the good practice of the open air hotel (albergo diffuso) in which our region has been a pioneer.


The Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia, Agriculture Forestry Institute of Nova Gorica, leader of the project ENJOY TOUR funded under the Program for Cross-Border Cooperation Italy-Slovenia 2007-2013 has organized the art competition "What young people thinks about local products". The aim of the competition is to stimulate the creativity of students as part of the typical products of the cross-border area and encourage them to think about local production and quality food. The objective is to understand how young people see typical agricultural products of the area: wine, fruit and vegetables, herbs, aromatic plants and herbs, cheese and other dairy products, meats, olive oil, bee products, saltwater fish, local dishes ... to enhance, promote and integrate the typical products in the tourist accordance with the spirit promoted by the Project ENJOY TOUR. Deadline for participation in the competition 20 March 2015.


On 11th February 2015, an important agreement has been signed between the Bank Mediocredito FVG and Informest consulting, operating branch of Informest, specialized in services of assistance to companies in the field of internationalization, with the objective of providing Friuli Venezia Giulia companies with a qualified center for the access  to foreign markets and subsidized credit lines.

Informest Consulting and Banca Mediocredito will activate in the next months by  Bank headquarters in Udine a dedicated desk that will become the point of reference for the Region Entrepreneurs interested in export on international markets.


Open the selections for the students of the Department of Political and Social Sciences of the University of Trieste , to make three-month internship at Informest ( 14 April to 17 July 2015) . Interested students  can send their curriculum vitae not later than March 15, 2015 , via email to Elisa Sfiligoi : elisa.sfiligoi@informest.it .

Candidates are required very good knowledge of English and the knowledge of a second language of Informest target countries will be taken into consideration. It is also required a proven period of study and / or work abroad, preferably in the areas pertaining to Informest .



On-line desk managed by Informest is active to provide information, assistance and counseling on European Programming period 2014-2020 is active. Activities of information, assistance and advice provided are addressed to local bodies , in particular to municipalities and associations of municipalities in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region. On page http://www.informest.it/2020/you can consult Frequently Asked Questions concerning the EU Programs.


Thanks to Informest and Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia’s support and collaboration Friuli Venezia Giulia regional cluster have been awarded by ESCA with Bronze-Label last November. The new objective is to reach the “Gold Label” for DITENAVE by the end of the year.

The Cluster Excellence Initiative is an European Commission’s action aiming at supporting European clusters in a path of network’s comparison, improvement and strengthen in order to be competitive on the global market.

ESCA – European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis – is an European-Commission-recognized network of experts located in 27 countries whose task is to evaluate clusters’ performances and offered services’ quality through benchmarking and labeling activities (e.g. Bronze and Gold Labels).



The public meeting entitled "INFORMEST 2020 - At the service of the territory” was held yesterday in Udine, in the auditorium of the Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia, attended by over 150 people, including public officials, consultants, representatives of institutions, universities and businesses. The works were introduced by the President of the Region Debora Serracchiani, which stressed the importance of effective use of EU funds for the development of the territory and the new role given to Informest with the agreement signed between the two parties last month October. Informest will act as the operational arm of the Region for the implementation of development policies, in particular by providing the necessary assistance to local administrators and all the stakeholders of the territory for access to EU funds.


The 27th of Novembre in Trieste, at the Hall Predonzani of the Palazzo della Regione, the councellor Prof. Loredana Panariti and Central Director Dr. Ruggero Cortellino welcomed the delegation of 40 students who are participating in the mobility program within the project KEPASS, of which the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia is the lead partner.

The meeting started at 10 with the intervention of the Regional Councellor for work, training, education, youth policy, equal opportunities and research, Prof. Loredana Panariti. The audience was made up of the foreign students currently housed and attending colleges in the Friuli Venezia Giulia accredited in the project (Liceo Scientifico "France Prešeren" in Trieste; National School "Paolo Diacono" Cividale del Friuli (UD); Liceo "Caterina Percoto "Udine, Educandato Statale "Uccellis "of Udine and Liceo" Simon Gregorcic "Gorizia) as well as those received in the schools of Istria and the Slovenian coast selected with the call published last year.


The next stage of the roadshow Promoted and supported by the Ministry of Economic Development and ICE – Agency, organized in collaboration with Confindustria Padova will be held December 2, 2014 at the Congress Centre Pietro D ' Abano , Largo Marconi , 16 - Abano Terme ( Pd ) . The format of the event foresees a plenary session, from 9:45 to 11:45 am , with Prominent visitors of the World Financial and institutional. Carlo Calenda, Deputy Minister of Economic Development  and Michele Valensise, General Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation , will illustrate Tools and strategies to support Company on Global Markets.



National and international journalists specialized in wine tourism begin today the press tour realized within the project "Enjoy your meal on the roads of trans borders taste " funded by the Program for Cross-Border Cooperation Italy-Slovenia 2007-2013. The three days tour, will allow participants to experience and learn about flavours, knowledge and traditions of Collio, Karst, Eastern Hills of Friuli and Brda (Collio Slovenian).


In the framework of JULIUS project, an interactive APP for mobile devices has just been released! JULIUS Mobile guide welcomes you in the fantastic trip from Julian Alps and pre Alps, through warming scenes of Ljubljana, Postojna and Gorizia, mysterious Karst to the Adriatic coast. Look for Julius Guide in your Appstore to download it or visit our website for further details: http://julius.proikt.si/it.


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