A general overview on the principles and the implementation procedures of the European Union policy about state aids is necessary to know how this policy affects all the actors of the European Union development and not only the enterprises. In the framework of the European competition policy the application of the state aids are aimed to protect the trade freedom and to improve the use of public resources. The consciousness about the procedures of the European policy implementation is essential to underline the benefits and to not suffer it as a operative limitation, in order to enable the public authorities to use it as a referring framework for the policies that provide incentives to the growth.

Despite the possibility to find on the web all the relevant information, the clearness and the immediate usefulness for the enterprises is unsatisfied. The contents of  this CD Rom try to illustrate the principles and the model of the application of the state aid legislation at European, national and regional level. Moreover the website analyses the application issues in the candidate countries and deepen the case-study of Croatian experience.

All tbe materials are avaliable here: http://progetti.informest.it/aiuti_di_stato/indice.htm

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