EUROSTAT data for the unemployment in the EU-27 denote a general increase of the index, both in terms of population groups and territories, as a direct consequence of the economic crisis. Thus, the decreasing dynamics started in 2003 was halted. The jobless rate reached in 2010 9.6 percent, increasing by 0.7 points, as a worsening of both the youth and the long-term unemployment rates. At national level, most countries have deteriorated their state, excepting for Austria and Netherlands. The top negative levels are in Spain, Estonia and Lithuania, with ten countries that presented a rate greater than the EU-27 range. Even larger appear the differentiations between the EU regions, varying from the 2.7 pc in the Zeeland and in the Bolzano province to the 23 percent’ exceeding indexes in some Spanish regions and French arrondissements. 

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