The Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) involved in the AsviLoc plus project have contributed to set up a transnational innovation system aimed to capitalize RDAs experiences as added value for innovation policies development and start up a lasting coordination mechanism.

Partnership has cooperated in the definition of a RDAs Innovation Action Plan 2020, a transnational innovation system based on several aspects (regional aspects, aspects of innovation per se, etc).

The aim has been to set up a transnational strategy by analysing the properties of each RDA operating under normal circumstances, combining successful aspects and concepts. In particular, findings, new approaches and experiences from pilot actions of the SEE project ‘AsviLoc plus’ have been taken into account.

The RDAs IAP 2020 has also followed the idea of shared research and development as well as sustainable, interregional and international co-operations and has taken into account and evaluated the competitive situation of the specific field of technology and the combination of technology-based

innovation and knowledge-based innovation promoting understanding and exchanging information and foreseeing specific activities and tools to implement during the next cohesion policy programme period

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