In the frame of the MOTOR project, on 25th June 2013 started addressed to the tourist operators of Julian Prealps Natural Park area and to whole mountain operators, promoted by Informest with the support of Friuli Venezia Giulia Tourism and the Natural Park.
The themes which will be deal are:  tourist reception, promotion strategies and sale techniques, customer loyalty techniques and identification of tourist packages.

The first module, teached by Giovanna Tosetto, expert of IAL FVG, was focused on tourist reception and it analyzed the development of the tourist demand and of the profile of the tourist, whom in the post-modern period seek for not only a destination to visit but an emotional experience where the guest is co-creator and, at the same time, consumer.
The participants operators exchanged their opinions on strengths and weaknesses, highlighting the excellences of the Natural Park area, with the aim to structure a common touristic offer in order to satisfy new demands from the travellers also with the support of new technologies and media.
Training sessions will continue on 2-3 July, with lessons on selling and relation techniques.

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