On 28th June 2013, the European Council endorsed the conclusions and recommendations of the EU-Council of 25th June 2013 and decided to start accession negotiations with Serbia. The first intergovernmental conference will take place at the latest in January 2014. At the same time it was also authorized the opening of negotiations on a Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) between EU and Kosovo

These decisions are the immediate result of the June agreement between Belgrade and Pristina reached last April in Brussels that regulates the autonomy of Serbs within Kosovo. In short, it will be made ??a Union of Serb municipalities that will benefit from its own statute, but whose existence will be guaranteed by the laws of Kosovo. With regard to Serbia, at the beginning of 2014 will start the path to EU membership with the screening on the 35 negotiating chapters of Community law acquired, followed by the drafting and signing of the Treaty accession and its ratification by the parliaments of the 28 EU Member States. In previous enlargements, this process lasted from 6 to 8 years depending on the individual country-case: for example, Croatia has started negotiations 10th October 2005 and got the full membership 13th July 2013. Regarding Kosovo, the opening of negotiations for the conclusion of the SAA is the first concrete step towards EU membership, as was the case for the 10 CEE countries that joined in 2004, Romania and Bulgaria in 2007 and Croatia on last July. In short, the ASA is a Kosovo-EU bilateral agreement which includes political, economic, commercial issues and financial support from EU as well as efforts by Kosovo to transpose into national law the EU acquis.

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