In the aftermath of celebrations for the accession of Croatia in the EU, Informest sums up the important analysis developed within the project "ITHREU, Italy and Croatia, a partnership for Europe", the results of which were presented Novigrad June 29, coinciding with the celebrations for the European entry. ITHREU offered a sort of ferry between the European past programming, and the new to be defined: a tool to align with the development of Community policies, through a rich program of institutional, higher education, recognition of the territory.

During the event of 29 June the main results of the study were shared with the presence of representatives of the Croatian Ministry of Economy, the regional Ministry of International Relations of the Region of Istria Oriano Otocan and the councillor for cross-border and transnational of Veneto Region, Roberto Ciambetti.

There are four priorities on which is needed to invest as soon as possible, and that suit the reality of the new European Croatia. At the first place are projects dedicated to the environment and optimizing the use of environmental resources - especially with reference to the immense value of the tourism / landscape of the country -, followed by the thematic area of ??ICT and economy with low environmental impact, while the fourth place there is the field of research and development.

These, then, are the main areas for which the Croatian businesses ask to give special attention in the next EU programming, which identifies as its main objectives in 2020 the employment - target of 75%, research and development - with the investment objective of 3% of European GDP, energy, education, poverty and social inclusion.

The entrance of Croatia to Europe marks the beginning of a new stage of the project ITHREU, that in the next six months will develop in Italy, between Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, a similar study of reconnaissance of the territory and collection of priorities.

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