The whole partnership of the cross-border cooperation project Adristorical Lands, with the coordination of the Marche Segrete Association and the support of INFORMEST , promoted , on days 29 , 30 and 31 October, a series of promotional events in the headquarters of the EU Representation in London - the so-called " Europe House" - and in the London office of the Italian Institute of Culture.

Along the walls of the "Star Gallery" at the Europe House were exhibited 70 photographic panels, illustrative of some of the tourist resorts in the Adriatic area promoted by the project , which together offered an extraordinary mosaic of perspectives on places , full of art and culture , common to both shores of the Adriatic sea. In this charming setting was held, in the afternoon of 29 October , the presentation of the project Adristorical Lands to reporters of the capital, which was followed by the screening of four films made in the course of the Educational Tours made ??in Italy as part of the planned activities from the project.

The evening continued with the public opening of the photographic exhibition and a concert by the young violinist Lana Trotovek , who proposed a sonata by Giuseppe Tartini , musician native of Piran. The concert was given by the Maritime Museum of Piran, one of the project partners Adristorical Lands. Next, the audience was able to make direct contact with all the tourist realities supported by the project , and receive information, illustrative guides and small promotional items at the information tables set up for the occasion in the spaces of the Europe House .

In the afternoon of October 30 was held the presentation of the Molise Region , the project leader Adristorical Lands, and of its local products, a pleasant setting for business meetings that were held between Molise tour operators and British tour operators. On October 31 , at the headquarters of the Italian Institute of Culture , was held the presentation of a publication and a video of the Marche Region . For the occasion, in the conference room has been exposed , edited by INFORMEST , a series of panels illustrating the objectives of the project and the partners who have helped to build the network of tourist destinations exploited by the initiative. At the end of three days in London , on the evening of 31 October, a conference was held by prof. Stefano Papetti , artistic director of the Pinacoteca Civica of Ascoli Piceno , noted scholar and popularizer of the artistic heritage of the Marches.

The location of this rich series of events in the week before the World Travel Market, the most important trade and tourist market in the world, has encouraged the participation in the initiative of a number of tour operators, who have been able to appreciate the value of a number of tourist destinations , hitherto considered marginal , with great potential for growth in the framework of the tourist offer of quality.

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