On the 11th and 12th of March 2014, in Kragujevac, INFORMEST through the expert Alessandro Piras, ran a workshop about the Intellectual Property in the framework of the project “MECOM - Mechanics and Component in Kragujevac”, funded by the Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia under the Regional Law 19/2000.

The participants, employees of the Chamber of Commerce of Kragujevac, entrepreneurs, graduate students and professors of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences of Kragujevac, showed their interest for the topic that in Serbia is quite new and gives them a lot of opportunities for collaboration and development.

Beside Informest, COMET, University of Kragujevac and Chamber of Commerce of Kragujevac are part of MECOM project, coordinated by the lead partner Technology Centre of Pordenone. The project aims to support the local players for what regards the achievement of knowledge and competences required for the development of a scientific and technological park, which can manage effectively the innovation processes and the economical growth of enterprises, and provide the know-how and the skills for a joined participation to national and European programmes in the field of research and development.


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