In the framework of Adristorical Lands project, co-funded by Adriatic Cross-border Co-operation Programme, Informest has organized last 24-25th May a two-days educational tour for six young Italian bloggers and journalists of the tourism and wine and food sectors. With the camera on the neck and the smart phones in the hands , the six bloggers have visited Udine, Gemona, Venzone, Cividale and Natisone Valleys, flooding the social networks of wonderful images and enthusiastic comments of what they were seen, felt, tasted and savored.

The project aim - to create new forms of sustainable tourism, enhancing little-known, but amazing lands of Adriatic costs - passes also through the new communication tools: more and more bloggers with their stories and with sharing experiences become opinion-makers for new millennium tourists. They promote territories and move tourists. And the many comments to posts of our sparkling bloggers prove it. And after the instant posts it is now arrived on their blog the moment of detailed stories and beautiful photos, so that the experience of one person can become the experience of many people, and a personal experience will arouse interest and curiosity, it can attract always in the spirit of the bloggers: do not sell, but excite, intrigue, suggest, just "follow me" ...

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