Within the Cluster Excellence Initiative - European Commission’s action aiming at supporting European clusters in a path of network’s comparison, improvement and strengthen in order to be competitive on the global market – Friuli’s regional cluster have been Bronze-Label awarded by ESCA thanks to Informest and Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia’s support and collaboration.

ESCA – European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis – is an European-Commission-recognized network of experts located in 27 countries whose task is to evaluate clusters’ performances and offered services’ quality through benchmarking and labeling activities (e.g. Bronze and Gold Labels).

Receiving the Bronze Label is the first step of an activities and services’ enhancement and reviewing path leading to an improvement in clusters’ competitive performances on an international level. The 2-year-lasting European-Commission-recognized certification is assigned after an in-depth benchmarking activity made by an ESCA’s expert and based on 36 indicators of structure that analyses in depth the clusters’ characteristics and positioning. Later, results are presented in an individual report including advices and recommendations that initiate a long-lasting process aiming at reaching regional clusters’ excellence. 613 clusters located in 35 countries have already been awarded with this certification creating a worldwide network that now includes Friuli’s clusters as well.

CLUS3 project is promoted by the Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia’s Central Committee on Work, Training, Equal Opportunities, Education, Youth Policies and Research – Training Service, benefits of Informest’s collaboration on the technical and planning aspects and of Trieste’s AREA Consortium, Monfalcone’s DITENAVE, Basovizza’s CMB s.c.r.l., Pordenone’s Technological Park, San Daniele del Friuli’s Agribusiness Park, Manzano’s ASDI Sedia and Tavagnacco’s DITEDI participation as local partners. Czech Invest (Czech Republic), SV-Oltenia Agency for Regional Development (Romania) and Murcia’s Instituto de Fomento Regionale (Spain) are CLUS3 Informest-peer international partners. As a consequence, Friuli’s regional clusters enter an international excellent cluster network that fosters integration capability and internationalization. The route just begun with the Bronze Label will prompt managerial efficiency in term of innovation, competitiveness and delivered services in order to be able to compete at a global scope.

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