The public meeting entitled "INFORMEST 2020 - At the service of the territory” was held yesterday in Udine, in the auditorium of the Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia, attended by over 150 people, including public officials, consultants, representatives of institutions, universities and businesses. The works were introduced by the President of the Region Debora Serracchiani, which stressed the importance of effective use of EU funds for the development of the territory and the new role given to Informest with the agreement signed between the two parties last month October. Informest will act as the operational arm of the Region for the implementation of development policies, in particular by providing the necessary assistance to local administrators and all the stakeholders of the territory for access to EU funds.

Serracchiani has also highlighted how the experience of the EGTC (European Economic Interest Group), the Gorizia SEMPETER Nova Gorica, where Informest has had an important role as a catalyst, has been a crucial tool to create structured relations with the Republic of Slovenia which, as we know, is not administratively divided into regions.

The President of Informest, Enrico Bertossi, then clarified as Informest is not an entity in competition with other organizations working in the region, as sometimes wrongly perceived, but instead has a precise reason for being, especially in relation to the capacity of attract EU funding for the benefit of all the realities of the territory, mission quite distinct from that of the chamber system or other entities that deal with internationalization. The agreement signed with the Friuli Venezia Giulia certifies its supporting role to the central departments in the implementation of the strategic objectives related to the Europe 2020 Strategy Bertossi also stated that projects must be born because there is a real need of the area to meet, and not because there are funds available to do something: that is, we must start from the ideas, and then to give them adequate financial support and not, on the contrary, make plans for the sole purpose of use of funds.

The next technical intervention Sandra Sodini, manager of the economic cooperation of Informest, then provided to present a picture of the new European 2014-2020, highlighting both the main areas of development recipients of European funds of the new programming, both the 'interweaving of opportunities to the region from separate funds. Informest organize technical meetings in the coming months on the six topics of interest identified at the regional level, which are: transport and sustainable mobility, knowledge system and cluster technology, culture and tourism, sustainable urban development, renewable energy and energy efficiency, social inclusion.

Three witnesses, who represent as many success stories in the field of cooperation Informest with local authorities, the regional economic fabric and the chamber system, were taken respectively from the mayor of Gorizia Ettore Romoli, by the Director General of the CATAS (Centre for Research in wood industry) Andrea Giavon, and the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Gorizia Gianluca Madriz.

In addition to the institutional activities of Informest, were also presented the activities of counselling and direct assistance to businesses provided by the subsidiary and consulting, illustrated by its director Michele Feletig. He closed the meeting the President of the Regional Council, Franco Iacop, who recalled the long-standing partnership between Informest and former Regional Directorate for European Affairs and International Relations and hoped that the more structured relationship designed by the new agreement with the Region is harbinger of positive effects on the territory and, ultimately, the entire regional community.


In compliance with the provisions of the Prime Ministerial Decree dated 11 March 2020 on the containment and management of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19 Informest will be closed to the public. Activities will continue, as far as possible, in “smart-working”.
Email addresses will remain active. For specific needs or urgencies please contact the following number +393487990373.

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Project funded by the Italian Ministry of Interior - Civil Liberties and Immigration Department, managed by Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region - International Relations Service, jointly with the Presidency of the Regional Council, with the operational support of Informest and the collaboration of the municipalities of Tripoli, Benghazi, Tobruk and Sirte.

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