It will be held on 12th March a Workshop on the way to achieve indoor quality for our children with cost effective investition by nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (nZEB) standard together with the HOME Fair  in Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre, followed by a frontrunner visit on school renovation on nZEB standard.

The purpose of the Technical Workshop for Professionals and Architects is to demonstrate state of the art and trends on the field of energy renovation and construction of public buildings (schools) in EU, available technologies, materials, approaches, solutions in wood construction / reconstruction. In addition, also some examples of good practice in will be presented.

The aim of Technology Talk for School owners and Investors is to present an example of good practices in energy renovation and construction of school buildings. How to be addressed, various aspects of the investment (technical, environmental, financial, energy). Also state of the art and trends on the field of energy renovation of public buildings (schools) in EU.

Also visit to best practice in energy efficient school building construction will be organized.

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