On the occasion of the General Assembly of Stakeholders, the regional government will present to the territory and to  stakeholders, the process of definition of the Research Strategy and innovation for smart specialization of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

The invitation is addressed in particular to companies, associations, districts and science and technology parks as well as a representative of civil society actors and the socio-economic region. All interested can participate sending the registration form to the email address s3fvg@regione.fvg.it by March 24, 2015. Dedicated page: http://www.regione.fvg.it/rafvg/cms/RAFVG/fondi-europei-fvg-internazionale/Strategia-specializzazione-intelligente/articolo.html

For any clarification please contact the Technical Secretariat at the email address S3fvg@regione.fvg.it to thefollowing  contacts:- Dr. Andrea Buttol, tel. 040 3774384- Dr. Michela Masoch, tel. 040 3772423- Dr. Annalisa Viezzoli, tel. 040 3775263

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