The final event of the Project REMIDA focused on: "Energy Efficiency improvement of public buildings from Friuli Venezia Giulia to the Mediterranean: regulations and success stories."was held in Gorizia on May 13th. The Conference was opened by: Mara Černic, Vice President of the Province of Gorizia, Sara Vito, Regional Councillor FVG for environment and energy, Roberto Sartori, deputy mayor of Gorizia, Enrico Bertossi, president of Informest and Rupert Gole, mayor of the municipality of Šentrupert Slovenian.

The first panel focused on policy making and capacity building on Energy Sector was held by Matteo Mazzolini Director of EPA FVG, Velia Leone from Leone & Associati - Rome, Elodie Bossio, project officer of the European Federation of regional agencies for energy and the environment - FEDARENE, Andrea de Walderstein, Technical Director of the City of Grado. REMIDA partner illustrated the pilot and success stories for energy efficiency of public buildings made in Spain, Italy, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and France. "The finding of the best sources of energy with the least impact is subject to the attention of the world - said the president of Informest Enrico Bertossi, we have no right to leave the land worse than we found it." "Thank to REMIDA project and Informest work the City of Gorizia has been able to make a thorough study of the energy consumption of the city, mapping the critical consumption - said the deputy mayor of Gorizia Roberto Sartori. We have thus identified room for improvement to work on until 2020.

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