In order to inform stakeholders about the state of art in the definition of the Italy Croatia CBC Programme and to better orientate the definition of actions/types of projects to be co-financed by the Programme, the Task Force is organizing two thematic events, that will be organized in Trieste on the 17th June and in Split on 19th June.

The two events will have a manyfold objective: General public: to learn about the contents of the CP; to feedback the Programme bodies on the suitability of the proposed examples at action level; to shortly present additional ideas/ action examples and start networking. Programme bodies: to inform the public about the programming process and contents; to get a feedback (reality check) at action level, harvesting potential comments on the proposed examples; to understand the state of art in projects generation also in relation to future calls planning; Logistical and organizational details will be communicated soon within this platform.

Registration by 15th June.

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The working language will be English.


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