Italian small and medium enterprises are at the top of European rankings for European funding made through “SME Instrument” from Horizon 2020. This program aims to sustain European small and medium enterprises to put their products and services in the market. Italian enterprises were ahead of the European announcement, expired the 17th September 2015, in the second and third place there were Spanish and English enterprises. At the same date, the largest number of projects was in Ict sector (720), besides nanotechnologies, energetic systems with low emissions and eco-innovation. Totally, there were presented 2.833 projects.

“SME Instrument” of Horizon 2020 program intends to sustain European SMEs to put their products and services in the market through a three phase path: the first phase “feasibility study”: it expects the valuation of the technical feasibility and of market potential with a flat rate grant of 50 thousand euro; the second phase “innovation” : it develops research and innovation with grants up to 2,5 millions of euros; the third phase “commercialization” : it expects benefits to entry in the market through networking, training, coaching and mentoring, access to private capital.

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