What is the social value of culture? How to work to resist to the change of times, developing industry creativity, innovation, solidarity, the promotion of participation and sustainable development strategies? From these question a new edition of Fattidicultura was developed. Fattidicultura 2015 will be held in Mantova from the 8th to the 10th of October. Fattidicultura is laboratory of ideas and experiences in harmony with the changing world. Culture is a growth and development factor, around this idea there are created 17 events.

In threedays of workshops it will be discussed on models and experiences with new curiosity, listening to new voices with a different background, so that they can contaminate mutually and create a new impulse though future challenges. The basis is the sharing of places, art, economic and cultural strategies to begin future with a strong network of partnership. Though sharing economy, thanks to an analysis from the audience, there will be imagined future libraries, a sustainable tourism, and to do a more clear concept of cultural innovation. In this second edition, art will be nurtured with art, there will be offered occasion to meet professionals and to reflect on how the world of journalism and information in changing.


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