The Association of Universities in The Netherlands (VSNU) and Netherlands house for Education and Research (Neth-ER), in cooperation with the Permanent Representation of The Netherlands to the EU organise the event ‘Excellence without Borders: R&D Cooperation Across the Innovation Divide’ in Brussels, 15 October 2015.

Dutch universities strongly support the notion of excellence across borders and of talent that knows no boundaries. This event aims to break down barriers, wherever they may exist, and build bridges where needed.

Besides networking, several high-level speakers will address the above mentioned issue. Among those speakers will be: Wepke Kinga, Deputy Permanent Representative of The Kingdom of The Netherlands; Alexander Micovcin, Deputy Permanent Representative of the Slovak Republic; Karl Dittrich, President of VSNU Association of Universities in The Netherlands; Marek Smid,

Vice-President of the Slovak Rectors‘ Conference.

This network event aims connecting researchers, policy advisors and other staff of knowledge institutes from countries that are eligible under the Horizon 2020.

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