The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) puts forward the growing impact of cultural and creatives industries (CCI) in the European economy as this sector has become third larger employer in the EU-following construction and beverages sectors- and its contribution to GDP amounts to between 4.4% and 6.8%. Within this framework, the EESC calls on the European Commission to draw up a multi-annual strategy for the development of these industries. In particular, the EESC calls for the external dimension of this sector which boosts the European Union's international influence, to be integrated into all on-going bilateral and multilateral negotiations.

The Committee raises some questions regarding the architecture of the Creative Europe programme, in particular on financing and local representation aspects. The EESC attaches special attention to the specific financial needs, in particular to the difficulty in designing income models that would enable ICC to capture value and implementing new financing models able to capitalise on their intangible assets. The EESC points out the atypical workers' needs and insufficient social protection in terms of working conditions, mobility, health and safety in different Member States.

This is what is written in the Diffusion of opinions of the Consultative Commission on Industrial Change, part of the EESC.

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