From 19 October to 30 November 2015 the undertakings concerned may submit an application to access to a co-financing intended to cover, for three years, the costs for  of hiring PhDs. It is the national program "PhD ITalents", a pilot project run by the CRUI Foundation commissioned by the Ministry of Education and in partnership withConfindustria. The initiative addresses to Italian companies and young PhDs interested in developing career paths with high-impact innovative in strategic sectors like energy, agribusiness, cultural heritage, sustainable mobility, health and life sciences, ICT.

The program aims to support the intersectoral mobility of PhDs and the strengthening of collaboration Academy – Industry. The project is divided into three phases:
1. meeting process between demand and supply
2. management and monitoring
3. organization of cross-cutting activities

The process of meeting between demand and supply is managed through two stages of application aimed at: identify companies interested in hiring young staff but highly qualified, to develop new skills and to support innovationpaths and to select neo-PhDs interested in pursuing a career in business. In the second phase PhDs may apply for the job positions made available by the participating undertakings within the section of the website dedicated to them. Will begin at this point the third phase:the evaluation process to select the jobs eligible for the co-financing,based on a matching between job offers from businesses and related applications for PhDs. During the three years the project aims to develop different cross-cutting activities for the enhancement of the intervention including: initiatives in support and monitoring, networking and collaboration actions, the organization of workshops and seminaries involving in the forts place companies and PhDs recipients of the intervention, evaluation of results.

More informations can be found on the program website.

The postdocs can nominate in this section.

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