The ECP - Europe for Citizens Point Italy, Ministry of Arts and Culture and Tourism organizes the National Conference on "Europe for Citizens” to present the calls expiring in 2016 and explain to the public the new thematic priorities recently introduced. The event will be held on November 16 at 9:30 am at the National Central Library of Rome. The event is free but registration is required.

The program "Europe for Citizens 2014-2020", established in 2014, aims to bring citizens closer to the European Union, proposing to encourage their full participation in the European integration process.

The program aims, on the one hand, to examine their knowledge of the European Union, on the second hand, stimulate lively debate on EU policies , in order to strengthen the democratic commitment and civic participation.

In addition, the program supports financially,projects that promote active European citizenship and to support a better understanding of European Union. The program will give special attention to policies of immigration and integration and to the theme of solidarity and debate on the future of the European Union.

During the conference will be presented the new thematic priorities, the European agenda on migration policies, the calls "European Memory  and "Projects of Civil Society". After the break will be presented the calls "Town Twinning" and "networks of cities", and the criteria for selection.

At the end of the conference participants will receive a certificate of participation. The conference addresses to civil society organizations, the non-profit world, to municipalities, unions of municipalities, other levels of local authorities and regions, universities, institutes of education, training and research.


Registration form here.

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