Have been published the priorities for 2016 of the “Europe for citizens” program. The program "Europe for Citizens”  supports projects aimed at building a more tangible Europe for its citizens; the development of a European identity based on common unitary historical and cultural experiences; the creation of a sense of belonging to the European Union; the exchange of experiences among citizens of different geographical areas, in order to contribute to intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding.

The program is divided into two sections “Active European Remembrance” and “Democratic engagement and civic participation”.

As regards the “Strand 1 - Active European Remembrance”, priorities are:

1 –  Ostracism and loss of citizenship under totalitarian regimes: a lesson for our times;

2 –  Civil society and civic participation under totalitarian regimes;

3 – Democratic transition and EU accession.


As regards the “Strand 2 - Democratic engagement and civic participation”, priorities are:

1 –  Combating stigma of "immigrants" and build counter- narratives to encourage dialogue and mutual understanding;

2 –  Understand and discuss Euroscepticism;

3 –  Debate on the future of Europe ;

4 –  Solidarity in times of crisis.


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