It was held Tuesday, May 10 in Zagreb the workshop "Training for building professionals and planers companies in Croatia", organized as part of the Renew School project by the Austrian partners Wood Cluster Styria and from the Slovenian Wood Cluster, where Informest contributed with a presentation on the constructive model applied for the construction in the kindergarten of Capriva del Friuli, embedded within the project as frontrunner, and giving examples of application of elements and components in wood and other natural materials in insulation systems.


The workshop, which is part of the events organized in Zagreb on the occasion of the Energy Week, saw a great participation for the Croatian side, and architects and designers asked many queries to lecturers, both on technical issues related to the use of wood elements in renovation of school buildings and economic.

The project Renew School, funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme, aims to promote the restructuring and energy efficiency of school buildings through the use of an external enclosure system consists of prefabricated modular elements made of wood.

In the project are realized  informative and technical meetins both among industry experts and with local stakeholders to try to stimulate the market for this type of solutions, which has several advantages compared to the traditional measures applied based on the use of synthetic materials, both in technical (salubrity of material, non-invasiveness, etc.) and economic (cost certainty because the shipyard has short-term, joint use of plants for renewable energy, etc) terms.

In addition, in the project are developed also events for awareness raising with pupils in schools on energy efficiency and saving and on the use of renewable energies.

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