The first visit covered plant health controls, and in particular activities for monitoring quarantine organisms. During the visit procedures and methodologies for control of potatoes from third countries h(Egypt) have been demonstrated at the checkpoint of Trieste port, and examples on how row controls are done demonstrated. The control of the propagation of plants and monitoring of quarantine pests and quality was the topic of discussion to the Cooperative Rauscedo, where the delegation was received by the President of the cooperative. The delegation also received a practical training on the use of FITOGIS system, used by the Plant Protection Service of the Emilia-Romagna region, with a visit to a fruit farm in Imola and then at the offices of the service.

The week-long visit ended in in Ferrara in a company that produces seed potatoes and strawberry seeds, where the delegation was informed about phytosanitary inspection and certification of quality of plants and seeds.

The second group of officials of BiH conducted a visit on the topic of certification and registration of seeds. Training started with a visit to the certification system of the CREA-SCS in Tavazzano (LO), where all the procedures used for the seeds control were presented, with the aim to train  the delegation on the new system of certification OECD prepared under the project.  Last activity was addressed to the visit to lands for post control testing and for evaluation of new qualities, that was combined with visit to Centre laboratories where it was showed how are managed samples for analysis and methodologies used for evaluation of quality of seeds produced for the market.

Delegation visited two important companies of the seeds sector of Emilia Romagna Region, where was showed how certification process is implemented directly to the producer.  Finally the study visit ended with a common simulation of an inspection to the company producing seeds of potatoes and strawberry seeds. At the end of the visits, the officials of BiH have expressed the hope that all the techniques and methodologies described in Italy can also be transferred in BiH, to enable local farmers to further benefit of the work done under the project.

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