It is planned for next Thursday, June 30th, the technical workshop organized by Informest within the Renew School project, entitled "Innovative construction for high efficiency timber requalification".

During the last years thanks to inovation it has been gained several solutions for prefabricated timber construction, used also on advanced school renovation. However, the current potential of technical and manufacturing feasibility is not yet exhausted since traditional planning processes, procurement issues and financial schemes hinder their broader application. Solutions for its wider application can come from an  adaptation of traditional approaches supporting the implementation within the existing process framework, up to “game changing” solution approaches, with application of innovative and technological solutions. In the workshop it will be discussed about this innovative cooperation models and financial schemes, with the participation of important speakers that will give exemples and case studies on innovative and structural approaches for timber construction, and financial schemes applied in other EU countries.

The workshop is held  in the frame of the V Passivehaus Congress of Friuli Venezia Giulia organized by Regional Agency for Energy and is focused on passive house and on principles, opportunities and solutions for houses with high energy efficiency and is an important event for networking  among professionals.

The project Renew School, funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme, aims to promote the restructuring and energy efficiency of school buildings through the use of an external enclosure system consists of prefabricated modular elements made of wood.


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