As partner of CAPTAIN project Informest organises  a training aimed at port operators and managers of the Adriatic-Ionian area dealing with the demand of services to people with different needs and reduced mobility (disabled persons, elderly, minors, pregnant women, etc.) in port terminal structures of the area. The training intends to offer a better understanding of disability and how to meet different needs, aiming to facilitate the integration of Adriatic-Ionian ports with the hinterland.

Moreover, it's objective is to improve services offered to passengers, providing all necessary instructions and solutions in order to guarantee such services, in terms of delivering available information and standardized assistance to passengers and improving the sharing data exchange by adopting ITC solutions related to people with different needs and reduced mobility among ports of the Adriatic-Ionian area.

The training,  held by CFLI experts in Italian with English simultaneous translation, will be held in Trieste at the Hotel NH, on November 15. The duration of the training is  whole day (morning and afternoon sessions), starting from 9.30 a.m.

The training is free of charge, and will be transmitted live in streaming

Please confirm your interest by sending a mail at


Training contents:

* Reference background: culture and interculture about disability

* UNESCO: make culture

* Classification ICIDH: (International Classification of Impairments Disabilities and Handicaps)

* New ICF (International Classification of Functioning) standard

* ONU convention

* Physical, spatial and temporal sensation and perception

* Passengers with motor disability: characteristics, aids, moving

* Passengers with sensory disability (sight and hearing): characteristics and behavior formalities

* Passengers with mental disorders: characteristics and behavior formalities

* Dedicated terminology

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