On Friday 19 May 2017 at 2 pm, Italian consortium Cortexa will be presenting a webinar seminar titled “How to design a building of the future”.

In the meeting the MED project “SISMA - Supporting Innovative Schemes in the MED Area” will be presented by the Florence Agency for the Energy. SISMA project aims at developing innovative financing schemes based on European Structural Funds and other public funds to finance significant energy retrofits of public building. The project involves 8 partners from 6 MED Countries (Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Bosnia&Herzegovina and Slovenia) and INFORMEST manages the project as Lead Partner.

The workshop will explain the activities of SISMA project and will present a case study of the Tuscany Region to proceed with a further discussion of the guidelines to follow while constructing energy efficient and safe buildings.

You can access the webinar at the following link: : http://www.cortexa.it/it/formazione/corsi-online/webinar-talk-show-19-maggio.html

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