Ljubljana Urban Region – Slovenia. Competence Centre for Design Management (KCDM) was established in 2013 within the Human Resources Development Operational Programme 2007-2013 and was co-financed by the European Social Fund. It was a pilot project of a design agency Gigodesign which included 19 companies - design companies, consulting companies and companies which develop new products and services, with the aim to improve knowledge and processes in cooperation, increase the value of their brands and improve the position of all companies on the market. 

The mission of KCDM was to connect ambitious companies to the sources of design management knowledge. KCDM activities focused on following, pooling and passing on knowledge and good practices in the field of design management; training according to the obtained/developed competence model; and on cooperation for establishment, development and implementation of design management strategies.

KCDM achieved great success in the two and a half years of the project duration. The added value of the included companies has increased by 70%, their net profits increased by 245%, and their turnover has increased by 14%. KCDM received a prestigious Design value award in 2016 by the internationally renowned Design Management Institute. In the future, KCDM aims to continue its good practice and include additional companies.

More info: http://www.design-management.si/en/

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