The first stage of the MAESTRALE project is completed and the next has just started and will be developed during 2018. In 2017 we investigated different aspects and implications of Blue Energy (BE) technologies and of special devices/processes to obtain energy from marine sources. 

Solutions, constrains and potentials to generate electricity from wave power, marine currents or from salinity gradients and possibility to produce biomass or biofuel by seaweed farms and from marine thermal energy were at the core of our activities and interesting guidelines are going to be published.

But, which are 2018 objectives and actions?

  • we would bring a transnational network among public authorities, research centers, energy agencies, enterprises and citizens to share knowledge on BE technologies and better understand their environmental, legal and socio-economic impacts;
  •  our partners are going to create Blue Energy Labs to increase cooperation among stakeholders at local level laying the basis for the development of Blue Energy technologies in the Mediterranean area;
  • a set of pilot projects in partner regions will be developed to investigate their financial feasibility, technological maturity and social acceptance. Authorities, enterprises and groups of citizens will be involved in the design process.

The Maestrale wind will blow stronger than ever. Would you come aboard with us?  Join our social media channels and have a look at our website, we are sure you will enjoy it!

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