“RaPaPro” creative partnership programme, which facilitates a collaboration among vocational cultural education institutions (involving art, design, music and dance schools), municipalities, business, social groups and other representatives of society in order to bring the creative ideas into “life”. “RaPaPro” is initiated in 2014 and is financed by the Ministry of Culture of Latvia. 

In the result of 11 implemented projects in 2014 & 2015 as well as 5 projects in 2016, students gained significant knowledge and skills in the process of management, business (what the cooperation between client and contractor really means), creation of a new ideas, “creative thinking”.

Example of one of the implemented projects: Project “From Letter to Sound” implemented in the city Rezekne. In the result of the project, a fully equipped bus stop (model 1:1) with the creative design, name of the stop, improved bench and solution for lighting were created as well as the newly designed 20 bus schedules with route plans and the 6 sound compositions announcing 6 bus stops in the public buses were developed in order to improve accessibility for people with sight problems, the elderly and children to the public transport in Rezekne city.

Partnership within the project – Rezekne Art and Design School, Janis Ivanovs Rezekne Music School, Latvian Society of the Blind (Rezekne County Organisation), Association of the Disabled and their Friends “Apeirons”, Rezekne Municipality Company “Rezeknes Satiksme” (Rezekne Traffic).

MORE INFO ON “RAPAPRO” http://www.lnkc.gov.lv/nozares/kulturizglitiba/rapapro/  

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