Indirect cultural policy provides support for CCI within the legislative framework of Navarre. One of the aspects for the moment is Tax credits for film and audiovisual production according to the local law (Ley Foral), 29/2014, Article 70 (made public on 24 December 2014). This law gives percentage credits for investments in productions of films and TV series (fiction, animation and/or documentary) and services delivered for film and TV series productions.

Another focus is Cultural Sponsorship in Navarre. The region is a pioneer in this respect through the creation of the Law on Cultural Sponsorship, understood as private participation in carrying out cultural projects or activities considered – or declared – to be of social interest through three modalities: donations, loans for use or use without charge and cooperation agreements, and considerable tax incentives for both individuals and companies, through corporation tax.

Some impressive data on the 2015 cultural sponsorship success: there have been 6.022 contributions for cultural sponsorship from 63 people with total value of 1.634.799,27 EUR.



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