Opening the LX Factory was a private initiative. It is a grand 23.000 m2 former factory in the Lisbon area of Alcântara, comprising ten buildings ranging from one to five floors.

In 2008, the complex was turned into a creative island for enterprises and professionals, serving also as stage for a diverse set of happenings related to fashion, advertising, communication, fine arts, architecture, music, etc. Sectors of the 203 enterprises/professionals currently established: architecture; design; catering /restaurants; shopping/leisure; advertising; fashion; visual arts; performing arts; music; new technologies; communication/marketing; photography; publishers; etc.

A key success factor of this project is its concept and management. Apart from the rehabilitation of a derelict urban area for a new use, and the authenticity of preserving the place and using its industrial characteristics as its brand image, the concept underlying the project – a creative island – and the project management strongly contributed to its notoriety and success.


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