On Wednesday 12th of September in Monfalcone, at MareFVG Technology Cluster headquarters  it was held the second strategic regional working group dedicated to the renewable energy from the sea in the framework of the Project Maestrale, within which Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region and Informest are acting as project partners, with the technical support of MARE FVG.

Interesting sparks have been revealed during the meeting, that was aimed to increase and value the economic feasibility and the environmental sustainability of two pilot projects in the sector of Blue Energy, identified last February during the first meeting.

The first proposal concerns the regional industry of the elements of the naval mechanic, innovative materials for aeolian energy and converters of the energy of waves and flows. For the second pilot project, it was defined to explore the production of fuels from marine micro-algas.
The BEL, acronym of Blue Energy Lab, has been built in February 2018, involving all the stakeholders - institutions, universities, research centres, civil society and companies – interested in developing a common framework to support blue economy in the Mediterranean and to understand concrete possibilities for a development of blue energy in our region and in our sea.

The working group has around twenty participants, including Universities of Udine and Trieste, OGS and a dozen of companies.
The European Project Maestrale, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) in the framework of Interreg MED, involves 11 partners of 8 Countries – Greece, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Cyprus, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia – with the purpose of developing a common sight and strategy that could promote the Mediterranean sea as a source of sustainable energy.

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