Started today the 3rd training session of the training project “PATH-DEV, Pilot Action in Fishery Sector for Libya Economic Development” financed by the Ministry of the Interior – Immigration and freedoms Department and managed by the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia with the technical support of Informest”. PATH-DEV main goal is to promote an economic recovery and a strengthening of some Libyan towns in the fisheries sector, enhancing the partnership with the Region. 

The training consists on seven-day activities, two of which will take place on the open sea and supervised by professionals in the fishery sector who will be explaining to the Libyan experts all the processing steps they should follow starting by the catch. On Tuesday 25th of September the city of Grado will welcome the Libyan guests. The following days, the training activities will take place in other locations such as Laguna Marano. First, these sessions will be focused on some principles of Marine biology and the fishing boat functioning. Then, they will deepen the relevant legislation of this sector and other more specific subjects such as the fishing techniques used in the Region and the commercial interest species. Finally they will look into the safety and health the fishing industry and the quality control of the product.

The feedback of this project will be very important for the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia seeing its long tradition in the fisheries sector and in the fish processing. In fact, a state of the art analysis of the fisheries sector in Libya should be available by the end of the year and would give an update on the tangible and intangible heritage of this sector.

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