The most important output of SISMA project, the SISMA SET TOOL, will be presented by Informest and Friuli Venezia Giulia Energy Agency next Thursday, 18th October, in Ljubljana during the Annual Conference organized by the INTERREG MED Program Communities dedicated to Efficient Buildings and Renewable Energy.

The conference, organized this year in the Slovenian capital, is an opportunity to meet all the INTERREG MED projects belonging to the communities focused on the themes of energy and renewable resources and it is the occasion to share and exchange good practices and to trace a shared path towards the objectives set by the European Union on the energy issues.

 SISMA SET TOOL , that will be presented Thursday in the afternoon session, was created by the eight partners of the SISMA project and it is an innovative tool available to the public administrations for their economic-financial evaluation of energy saving measures and the calculation of the minimum public subsidy required to an energy efficiency investment to be considered bankable by the market. An instrument produced within a single MED project, but available to the entire Mediterranean community and beyond.

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