Next 22nd January the participatory path of development and definition of the services for the audio-visual cluster of Friuli Venezia Giulia will be completed by a third and last meeting. In fact the process, carried out in the framework of ChIMERA project (which LP is the Central Directorate for Culture and Sport of Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region) was shared with local actors and potential end-users, businesses, research and public administration’ representatives.

The co-design path, started last October, with a Boot Camp and a Living Lab focused on needs and related intervention priorities, was supervised by the cluster management experts of the BioPmed Piemonte Healthcare cluster. The second meeting, which took place on 19th November, saw the development of a Living Lab aimed at transforming the intervention priorities that emerged during the bootcamp into a series of operational proposals and possible services able to generate value for the different types of users, involving them in a process of co-creation and co-planning.

The final Innovation Camp on 22nd January aims to present the results obtained and summarize the results in an operative proposal to be optimized and finalized in a participatory way to create a solid and coherent platform of services to support the sector.



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