It was held on 3rd April,  at Informest headquarters the 3rd laboratory on blue energy “BEL FVG”.

The “BEL FVG” was established in February 2018 as part of the “Maestrale” project and counts about 30 participants, including the FVG regional administration, universities, research centres and companies.

The BEL FVG has been designed as a permanent monitory centre to share experiences and regional know-how on the topic renewable energies: in 2018, BEL FVG tried to identify two pilot actions to be developed in FVG’s territory.

Thanks to the experience of the Observatory of Experimental Geophysics OGS in the field of marine microalgae for the production of biofuels, it was developed the hypothesis for the first pilot action for the FVG, while the second pilot action is focused on the development of a component supply chain in the field of marine renewable energy plants.  

During the meeting scientific, technical and feasibility elements, were shared among the entire working group, and data and information on marine ecosystem, the geophysical characteristics of the territory and the presence of specialised economic operators shared.

Among the goals of the BEL, there’s also the idea to put in line regional projects dealing with Blue Growth. In this context, it was given the opportunity to OGS to share with participants of the BEL FVG aims and activities of the DEEP BLUE project. Co-funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, the project was recently launched. Both “Deep Blue” and “Maestrale” share the commitment to spread knowledge and awareness on the issues of sustainable blue growth, thanks also to the presence in the FVG territory of several actors and subjects that, for different reasons, deals with blue energy and blue growth.

Maestrale project is funded by FESR under the Interreg MED 2014-2020 program: the project promotes the blue energy topic as a key sector for a sustainable growth in the Mediterranean area.


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