The award is given every year to projects funded by the European Union that demonstrate excellence and new approaches in regional development.

Each Operational Program can choose up to 5 projects: the MED Programme has selected SISMA project as one of the best innovative practices developed in the Mediterranean area, endorsing SISMA for the Regio Star 2019 award participation.

In 2019, the REGIOSTARS are focussed on five areas that are crucial for the future of EU regional policy: promoting digital transformation; connecting the green, blue and grey; combatting inequalities and poverty; building climate-resilient cities; modernising health services. High-level academics will assess the submitted project applications and crown the winners. In addition, the public will decide on its own winner through a public on-line vote and award the Public choice award to one of the projects.The SISMA project was a candidate within category 4, dedicated to building climate-resilient cities. Ended in mid-2018, the SISMA project intends to support local public authorities in assessing the public subsidy needed to consider a investment bankable for the market, encouraging innovative financing schemes that exploit public funds available to local administrations (such as European structural funds , or others) and integrating them with private financial resources. After a first analysis of European best practices that implemented energy performance contracts and innovative financing schemes, the project has developed a "tool" that allows, with the inclusion of some data on the building and its heath and thermal consumptions, to have an overview of the public subsidy required to consider the investment bankable. An innovative approach, in which costs of interventions are calculated on a local scale and public authorities can prioritize the renovation of public buildings. The tool, available online (, can be applied to the 4 types of buildings that most frequently are owned by local public authorities: schools, gyms, town halls and retirement homes and is available in 7 European languages ??(Italian, English, French, Spanish, Bosnian, Slovenian, Greek).

The SISMA project, funded by the INTERREG VB Mediterranean Program with a contribution of € 600,000.00, was coordinated by Informest, with the support of partners from Italy, France, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece and Slovenia.


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