On March 28th, in Venice, at the headquarters of the Palazzo Grandi Stazioni of the Veneto Region, took place the kick-off meeting of PRIMIS "Multicultural journey between Italy and Slovenia through the prism of minorities". The project of a duration of 36 months, is funded with € 2.83 million of EU funds under the Interreg Italy-Slovenia.

The partnership led by the Unione Italiana is composed of the temporary association PROJEKT, the Veneto Region, the Coastal Self-governing Community of Italian Nationality of Koper, the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, the Regional Economic Slovenian Union of Trieste, the Zeleni Kras Regional development agency of Pivka, the Chamber for Tourism and Hospitality of Slovenia, the Comelico and Sappada Cross-border Study Center Foundation and from VEGAL - GAL Eastern Venice.

INFORMEST provides technical assistance to the Central Culture and Sport Department of RAFVG, partner responsible for communication activities.

PRIMIS is aimed at enhancing the linguistic, cultural and natural heritage of the linguistic communities of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto and Slovenia in order to attract the demand for sustainable tourism. The objective is to transfer the multicultural and multi-language material and immaterial peculiarities of the indigenous communities into the tourism and promotion sector of the cross-border area as an added value for an economic activity, cultural and sustainable tourism, with the use of innovative, interactive tools and multimedia with immersive and virtual reality (multimedia centers, info points). This will be supported by an action to enhance and promote cultural events, information and training activities aimed primarily at young people.

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