Tuesday 21st May 2019 will be held in Udine the national conference for the launch of the GPP-Stream Project, funded by the Interreg Europe programme.

GPP-Stream is a European project that aims to offer opportunities to public administrations to energize the ecological innovation, efficiency in the use of resources and eco-compatible development, through Green Public Procurement.

In this context, Informest will support at an operational level the regional structure in charge of developing the design actions of GPP Stream.

The aims of the meeting are: illustrating how to integrate green purchases into plans, into regional and local programs and policies, and analyse the main aspects of those actions in terms of opportunities and criticalities. During the meeting will be presented the experiences of other regions that are implementing those rules and policies related to green purchasing, as Friuli-Venezia Giulia region is doing.

Green Public Procurement is the process in which public administrations try to obtain goods and services with low environmental impact during their whole life cycle, instead of goods and services with same function but with a potentially greater environmental impact.

GPP-Stream Project will help improve the implementation of the development of policies and programs on a national, regional and local level, which will be related to the promotion and dissemination of Green Public Procurement certificates in the five participating European countries.

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