On Monday 29 April, a meeting was held in San Pietro al Natisone during which ATZ Projekt, partner of the PRIMIS project (MULTICULTURAL JOURNEY BETWEEN ITALY AND SLOVENIA THROUGH THE PRISMA DELLE MINORANZE) presented the multimedia centre SMO (Slovensko multimedialno okno - Slovenian multimedia window), the interactive museum of landscapes and narratives of the aspects characterizing the culture of the territory on the border between Italy and Slovenia.

In the presentation also took part Informest acting as technical assistance to the General Directorate Culture and sport of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.

The centre, financed by the JEZIKLINGUA strategic project within the framework of the previous Italy-Slovenia program, and managed by the reference bodies of the Slovenian community in Italy, is intended to be used as a reference for the realization of the 4 Multimedia Centres foreseen by the PRIMIS project.

On this occasion, particular attention was paid to the use of the technologies and installations adopted (videos, databases, touch screens, music installation, recording archive, etc.) and the documentation thus far collected.

The 4 multimedia centres to be activated within PRIMIS in Trieste, in the Comelico area, in Koper and in the Municipality of San Michele al Tagliamento (Bibione) will create a multimedia museum / educational path related to the historical, linguistic, cultural and ethnic heritage and they will constitute a stable network of presentation of the cultural and linguistic heritage of the local communities present in the cross-border territory, offering the interested user a sensorial immersion as complete as possible both through interactive multimedia stations and immersive or virtual reality.

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