SISMA project, funded by the INTERREG MED Program and coordinated by Informest, has been selected for REGIOSTARS 2019 award in the category Building climate-resilient cities. It is possible to click on the like button to one or several eligible projects until 9 July at this link. Projects that receive highest number of likes will go to he second phase. The winners will be awarded during the ceremony in Bruxelles on 9 October.

Why voting SISMA?

Schools, town halls, gyms and retirement homes are mostly owned by local public authorities and nowadays its deep renovation is a crucial aspect all around Europe. There’s need for innovative solutions, clear planning and payback periods shortened. What if a public contribution oriented to a clean and energy efficient renovation is supported by private investments? SISMA evaluates the public subsidy needed to be attractive and appealing to the market.

A new approach, for resilient cities!

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