Through the Twinning Project GE 16 ENI EC 03 18 context, the objective of the ongoing visit of Georgian Delegation in Italy is to have a better understanding on how to establish control systems and procedures in line with the EU acquis for PDOs and PGIs.

In details, the beneficiaries will be hosted by the Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food, Forestry and Tourism Policies (MiPAAFT). The study visit will start with a visit to the MiPAAFT with a view to better know its structures and responsibilities on GI management and controls.


The practical part of the study visit will be held at the venues of 4 Italian Producers’ Groups (Consortia), namely Consorzio di tutela del Chianti Classico, Consorzio di tutela del Prosciutto di Parma, Consorzio di tutela del Parmigiano Reggiano and Consorzio Ciliegia di Vignola, including their Control Bodies and some companies.

Visiting such Consortia and the related Control Bodies will be a very important occasion to better understand how in Italy GIs are certified, protected and promoted domestically and worldwide.

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