The MAESTRALE project, financed by the Mediterranean program, and joined by Informest participated as partner, is closing: it was a great journey during which the project partnership proved that it is possible to look for a future that includes blue energy in the Mediterranean area.

Although it is true that some of the technologies that aim to exploit blue energy are still in the initial phase, and there are legal, environmental and landscape constraints, the feasibility studies conducted during the Blue Energy Labs in the 10 regions and 8 countries the Med area has indeed shown a great degree of applicability of blue energies. It will be important now, to shift from energy production from fossil fuels to sustainable energies, to include blue energy in the political agendas of the coming years. Wind, waves (offshore and coastal), salinity gradient, thermal gradient, currents, tides available all together with the necessary replacement of fossil fuels: these are the priorities identified by the Maestrale project, described in detail in this latest project newsletter.

For Friuli Venezia Giulia, thanks to a participatory approach that has seen the collaboration of over 30 regional actors involved in the blue energy sector, the potential has been identified in the use of microalgae for the production of third-generation biodiesel and in the identification of a regional naval-mechanical supply chain, with the identification of a regional cluster of companies that could "export" their consolidated expertise to other seas, also thanks to the strong ties with FVG research institutions. The deep knowledge and competences of our regional enterprises in the mechanical and electrical components could be devoted to the production of components of wave energy converters, a type of technology with high potentials to be used in other seas, offering market and business opportunities for our regional companies.

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