SISMA project, financed by Interreg MED program and coordinated by Informest, continues to arouse - beyond its formal conclusion - a strong interest in the scientific community and among the key players, involved in the environmental issues and in planning of resilient cities.
The project results and the main tool, developed by SISMA partnership, have been issued this week on the Italian financial newspaper "Il Sole 24 ore".

Francesca Sofia Fumagalli’s article illustrates the project objectives, the budget and the partnership and it focuses in particular on the SET - Subsidy Evaluation Tool -, an easy Excel® tool that evaluates the economic return on energy efficiency investments for schools, city halls and retirement homes, calculating the minimum amount of the public subsidy needed to make an investment bankable. An instrument open to the public and which does not require in-depth expertise in the energy field and which ultimately encourages public-private partnerships in the efficient management of public assets.

After the nomination for the European REGIOSTARS 2019 award in the category “Building climate-resilient cities”, SISMA still arouses great interest and confirms the quality of INFORMEST work and its role as a public agency for the territorial development and the international economic cooperation.

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