Changing the approach for the involvement of local authorities without changing the final objective: this was the spirit of the online meeting had yesterday between the partners of the RESPONSE project, financed by the Italy Croatia Program under the specific objective dedicated to climate change

Coordinated by Informest, RESPONSE partners discussed about involvement of local public administrations and citizens for the definition of adaptation strategies: from the initial idea of ??organizing small workshops, partners inevitably decided to create online consultations, to be extended at least till September. This in order to allow municipalities, that are now highly involved in coping the health emergency and in activating measures on economic and touristic sector, to attend them.

However, the creation of the climate menu is expected by the end of the year: a simple tool with which coastal municipalities of the Adriatic can identify climate adaptation measures, prioritize them and compare their effectiveness with needs and constraints of their territories.

Launched in January 2019, the RESPONSE project intends to support local policy makers in adopting smart governance approaches in response to the impacts and risks caused by climate change in their Adriatic. Concrete tools, such as climate menus and SECAP (strategic plans for adaptation to climate change) are foreseen, specifically developed for six pilot areas of the Adriatic.
In Friuli Venezia Giulia the pilot area is that of the coastal area of ??Lignano Sabbiadoro, that will benefit from the work of the RESPONSe project with an updated SECAP.

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