Last 7th July Pier Luigi Sacco, metaLAB at Harvard, and Catherine Magnant, Head of Unit, DG EAC.D1, Cultural Policy, coordinated and lead webinar on the topic “European Cultural & Creative Cities in post-COVID19 times: bouncing forward”: how has the coronavirus emergency affected European cities particularly active in promoting culture and creativity? How are they responding to the pandemic?

During the webinar, speakers discussed about the three main actions carried out by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre:

  • the detection of responsive cultural policies and transformative events’ practices, thanks to the cooperation of the Mayors of nearly 200 cultural and creative cities in Europe;
  • the using of the tool "Cultural gems" to gather more than 350 digital cultural initiatives in European cities and facilitate access from home
  • the detection of the potentially most exposed cities to the socio-economic effects of the pandemic by using pre-COVID19 evidence from the Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor.

Slides and materials used during the webinar are now available!

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