Next Thursday May 19th in Lubiana, at the presence of the Ministry of Economy of Slovenia, Darja Radic, and of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, Paolo Romani, will be held the Itay-Slovenia Economic Forum, organized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, the Region Lombardia, the National Institute for Foreign Trade (ICE) and by Promos, agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, in collaboration with a number of institutional partners from Slovenia.

The event will be participated also by Informest and Finest, agencies for economic development and international cooperation from North-East Italy, and two banks: Unicredit Slovenia and Intesa San Paolo – Banca Koper. At the end of the Forum, will be organized Business to Business meetings between Italian and Slovene companies, in the sectors: ICT, renewable energy, environment, building and construction.

For information, please call the organizing secretariat at Promos Milano, te. +39-0285155203.

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