The search, protection and enhancement of the wreck of a Roman boat off the coast of Grado, known as "Grado 2", will start on the 12th of August. This is one of the three pilot interventions of the "UnderwaterMuse" project, approved and funded under the Cross-border Cooperation Program - Interreg Italy-Croatia 2014 - 2020, led by the Regional Body for Cultural Heritage of Friuli Venezia Giulia - ERPAC FVG, in partnership with the University of Venice Cà Foscari, the Puglia Region, the RERA Agency from Split and the Municipality of Kaštela.


It was held on Monday, 19th July, the last Steering Committee of the Twinning project in Georgia dedicated to the products’ quality control and protection system of protected geographical indication, coordinated by the Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food, Forestry Policies - Central Inspectorate of Protection quality and fraud repression of agri-food products and by the French counterpart, with the support of Informest for the administrative and financial part.



The third Newsletter of Interreg Italy-Croatia project, RESPONSe, is dedicated to the different perceptions of climate change and to the mitigation and adaptation measures collected and organized in the Climate Adaptation Menu, an on-line platform in which 160 mitigation and climate adaptation measures have been collected; the measures, already implemented in Europe and in the world. Finally, a page is dedicated to the topics’ synthesis reached by four informative and participatory events on climate change in the coastal areas of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Cambiamenti climatici e adattamento locale nelle zone costiere e lagunari del Friuli Venezia Giulia".

The newsletter is available in English, Italian and Croatian.


In the framework of the project "TAMSALL – Towards A new Multilevel Shared Approach for Libya Local Governance", aimed to contribute to the development of qualitative local public services in Libya and funded by the European Commission, the Lead Partner of the project "ART-ER S. cons. p.a." opened a public selection thorugh comparative procedure, for two experts: a highly experienced professional for the coordination of Components 1 and 2 of the project and a Lybya-based senior advisor on local development and institutional building.

More information are available here: coordination of components 1 and 2 and senior advisor on local development.

Deadline for application: Tuesday, 22nd June, h. 13.


The deadline of DIVA open call has been postponed to May 30th, at 12am

Last version of the FAQs is available herePlease read the FAQs carefully for doubts on Eligibility, Application Form, Reimbursement, Annexes, Letters of support, Financialcapacity, De minimis.

Informest team and HUBs will be at disposal for further clarification and help on proposal content and on filling and uploading annexes.

Please note that questions on eligibility of applicants  will be accepted till Friday 21st of May, because than the assistance will be devoted to the application procedure.

All applicants are invited to upload the annexes as soon as possible and to not wait until the last minute for finalising the submission procedure. Technical assistance will be guaranteed till Friday 28th May at 2 p.m.


In the framework of the project TAMSALL – Towards A new Multilevel Shared Approach for Libya Local Governance, funded by the European Commission, ART-ER S. cons. p.a. is looking for a professional profile with good managing capacities, inclination to problem solving and project autonomy, with specific expertise on the multilevel governance approach and its application to the planning and management of public services.
Deadline for submission of applications: 14th May 2021, h 24 CET

More details available here.


The main goal of DIVA strategic project, financed by the cross-border cooperation Programme VA Italy-Slovenia 2014-20, is to improve and promote methodologies that can ease and encourage collaborations between SMEs and cultural and creative industries (CCIs).

RANKING LIST 20/07/2021


6th May update! Annex 10a can be filled instead of Annex 10.

FAQs DIVA PROJECT - Call for proposals for the selection of pilot actions v1.5_14_May_2021

Questions and requests of clarifications to be inserted in the FAQs must be sent by 7th May 2021

Attention! Annex update 10. Financial capacity sheet NEW_28_04_2021


AIM OF THE CALL: promoting the cross fertilization between CCIs and traditional SMEs leading to the realization of new products and servicesthrough pilot projects.

PROJECT PROPOSALS shall focus on innovative and original products, processes, services, tools, developed in the framework of a collaboration between one traditional SME (applicant)and one CCI (implementing partner). Proposals must be able to offer perspectives of sustainability over time.


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